Students Who Have Expressed Interest - Next Steps

Here are your next steps:

 1. Go to and download and READ THE MANUAL

2. Start researching your #, your issue and see what is already being done about it. See where the gaps are (similar projects by university students) There are some amazing things online that pertain to all of the goals.

3. Start thinking about who your NGO partner will be - make contact with them (contact me for help)  

4. Put together a dynamic team- you are allowed to have 6 members- a leader must identify  and send email to be the liaison for the group

5. Set up a work/ time schedule to  come together as a group on a regular basis and work on your project

6. November 28 is MENTOR NIGHT- your group will need to attend. (see below)

7. Join the facebook group THE FEED- and meet other likeminded students who care about the SDCs 

8. Make note of the important dates

December 21- abstract to be completed and submitted online by midnight (page 19-21 in manual)

Jan. 3 Students chosen to move forward will be contacted by email

Once chosen to move forward, get working on your presentation piece- How can you give a creative interpretation of your project to move audiences in 10 minutes?